what is information technology

    information technology

    The term Information Technology (English: Information Technology) usually means that anything related to computer devices and everything related to these devices, including software , hardware, and computer networks , and this term is also related to workers in this field. [1]

    Information technology can be defined as (the use of computers, storage devices, networks, in addition to other devices and processes; in order to create, analyze, preserve, secure, and exchange electronic information in all its forms). [2]

    The field of information technology

    The broad field of information technology is based on principles from computer science; from systems and network management and development, and the design needed by many companies and personal devices and even government systems, all with the aim of finding technical and useful solutions with tangible effects, and it has become impossible to dispense with. [1]

    Benefits of Information Technology

    Information technology affects many areas of human life, and it has brought many benefits to it, as human life has become easier thanks to it, and the process of communication between people has become easy, so that any two people who are far from each other from the distance of continents can communicate with each other with sound and image in an extremely fast speed It also improved the educational process and nurtured the field of health. Among the benefits of information technology on human life in various fields are: [3] [4] [5]
    • In the field of society: Individuals can now communicate with their friends via social media and follow their news, and it has also allowed individuals to meet new people. In addition, information technology has created many entertainment facilities, for example, a person can watch movies on their tablet .
    • In the field of education: The student can now learn online , as many study materials can be found online. In addition, there are new types of education that may increase student interest, as represented by some computer games and puzzles.
    • In the field of health: Information technology has entered the health field since the inception of the Internet, and since then it has continued to use it to develop the quality of this field. Several projects have been implemented that aim to develop the tools and knowledge necessary to improve the quality of the health sector.

    Information technology has made available many new job opportunities, due to the need of the diamond companies for experts in this field. In addition, information technology has facilitated the purchase process, where a person can purchase any goods he wants by visiting websites that sell this goods, He can pay with credit cards in addition to other means of payment.

    IT disadvantages

    As information technology has many benefits in various fields, it also has several disadvantages, including: [3] [6]
    • The high cost of use and inclusion in companies and institutions, this cost comes from the need for equipment and software, and there are some systems that require a license for each employee using it. Companies need to train their employees to keep up with modern technologies, as some of these technologies may require advanced skills to deal with them.
    • The information technology provides new job opportunities in the field, but they limit other opportunities as well, for example, no there is no need to hire from the bank accounts, it has become automatically calculated through computers, as there has become a technology automated to answer the phone.
    • With the frequent use of information archiving methods, which greatly accelerated the performance of companies, the opportunities for penetration of the systems on which these methods operate have increased, as these systems are subject to electronic breaches, especially since some of these systems are available on the Internet for all.
    • Addiction to use some of the entertainment related to it, such as social media, and electronic games.
    • Entering unwanted sites that may cause a negative impact on the minds of people, and among the things that the user may reach, for example, how to create dangerous things , or how to do harmful things, and other things that may lead to cause people to commit crimes.

    the computer

    Is a computer ( in English: Computer) spark the beginning of a world of information technology; it is credited with developing many of the software and communication methods that have contributed to greater understanding and awareness of the current world surrounded by technology from all directions requirements; as the computer Kalakl mastermind who is not indispensable . A computer or computer is defined as a sophisticated electronic device invented by Charles Babbage (English: Charles Babbage), and is thus considered the father of computing as it is called. [7] [8] [9]

    The computer has become a major part of human life, as it uses it in various fields. Word processing software has replaced old writing machines, there are also software for image design, and it has become possible to store a huge amount of data, and with all of this, computers have evolved and their size has become small. To become portable, with the ability to perform many tasks performed by a desktop computer. [10]

    computer networks

    The important elements in information technology are computer networks ( in English: Computer Networks), a certain computer connections allow data transfer that image and sound examples. These networks include special devices and equipment such as distributors that communicate with each other using specific protocols and algorithms that facilitate the process of transferring data to the desired location. [11]