What is the Chamber of Commerce

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Chamber of Commerce concept

The Chamber of Commerce is defined as an official institution with a number of members in the field of business, as it supervises and works in cooperation with its members in organizing and improving commercial activity within the geographical area concerned. [1] The Chamber’s membership consists of businessmen representing private sector companies and establishments related to the commercial and industrial sector, and chambers of commerce can also be found under various names, including: trade boards or trade associations in most industrialized countries in the world. [2]

In light of the multiple names of the Chamber of Commerce in different countries, they differ in determining their functions, types of membership, financial resources and the mechanism of their organization, and therefore these bodies or chambers of commerce often perform tasks usually performed by local or central governments elsewhere. [3] Depending on the geographical scope these chambers cover, local chambers of commerce may be small or large in terms of their membership and scope of activities.Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oil [2]

The emergence of the Chamber of Commerce

The first use of the name of the Chamber of Commerce was related to the temporary committee established in Paris in 1601 to study industrial and commercial problems, where the Marseille Chamber was created in 1599; the first room was the concept in which the term Chamber of Commerce is now used, where a number of these organizations were established ( Chambers of Commerce) during the eighteenth century, chambers were abolished during the French Revolution in 1791 and re-established by Napoleon in 1804, and legislation subsequently redefined its functions, functions, and constitution; [3] and today, chambers of commerce exist all over the world, although It has no direct role in WAD They do not have laws or regulations, but they can be effective in influencing regulators and legislators with their lobbying efforts. [4]

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Chambers of commerce have many functions and generally include: [3]
  • Representing the interests of Chamber members with the local and national authorities.
  • Issuing certificates of origin, and nominating members to advisory committees.
  • Advise on import duties and commercial legislation.
  • Establish training schools, organize exhibitions, and public works.
  • Developing and spreading job opportunities in their societies. [2]
  • Provide an opportunity for members to express their specific opinions and interests, whether they relate to the challenges facing them as company owners or issues related to international trade . [2]

Chamber of Commerce benefits

The benefits that members of the Chamber of Commerce acquire are many, from which they come: [4]
  • Representing members at the relevant government agencies.
  • Receive offers and discounts offered by members of the Chamber to each other.
  • The possibility of participating in a variety of programs and services that enhance business activity in the region.
  • Participation of members in formulating policy related to the general commercial and economic environment.

Chamber of Commerce Classifications

Chambers of Commerce follow several different classifications according to their role and scope of work; they are classified into: [4]
  • Regional and Community Chambers: These chambers focus on regional or local issues and are distinguished in cooperation with the local government, in addition to encouraging international business initiatives, and encouraging foreign members of the chamber to trade with their home country.
  • City Chambers: aims to advance the economic interest of the city in question locally and possibly globally.
  • State Councils: In the United States, these chambers focus on inviting owners of companies and commercial and industrial facilities to join the council at the state and sometimes national levels, and therefore have a greater impact on regulation and legislation.
  • National or international chambers : The national chambers are focused in inviting them to join in order to press for national issues.
  • Compulsory Chambers: Here companies of a certain size must join the Chamber of Commerce, which provides a degree of organization, supervision of worker training, and encouragement to member companies, thus supporting economic development.

International Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce was established in 1920, and it is a global federation of business organizations, business companies and businessmen, where it often works as a voice for the business community in the international field and provides a business viewpoint to governments and global public opinion, and the International Chamber of Commerce has obtained the highest advisory position with the Council The United Nations Economic and Social Council, in addition to publishing a quarterly magazine called “Global Trade,” and the International Chamber of Commerce administers an arbitration court that provides facilities for conciliation and arbitration to settle trade disputes for members of different nationalities; in most cases the decisions of these arbitrators are accepted and Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oilimplemented . [3]