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  • 1 Trade name
  • 2 Brand name properties
  • 3 The importance of the trade name
  • 4 The difference between a trade name and other names
    • 4.1 Trade name and civil name
    • 4.2 Trade name and trademark
    • 4.3 Trade name and commercial address
    • 4.4 Trade name and brand
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Trade Name

Trade Name (Trade Name) is the official name defined by the owner or owners of the company or facility to carry out their business and commercial activities, as it indicates the practice of a commercial activity through the use of a specific name, and the registration of the trade name is one of the most important legal steps practiced by companies , But it does not in turn contribute to providing them with a trademark. [1]

Brand name properties

There are a set of characteristics that must be available in the trade name , which are: [2]
  • The trade name must give meaning and explanation to something acceptable and compatible with the prevailing culture and society, and it is important to avoid unacceptable names in order to draw attention only.
  • The trade name must be characterized by simplicity, which contributes to the ease of memorizing it and remembering it among people, and it is important to refer to the product or service provided to customers, so that it is easy for them to know the nature of the enterprise's professional field.
  • The trade name must be written in a way that helps to read it, while avoiding the use of shapes, symbols and sizes that are not appropriate for the general public.
  • The trade name must not be common or frequently used, because that leads to mixing it with many other similar names, and leads to confusion for people, and makes them unable to know the owner of the company; therefore the owner of the facility or institution must choose a distinctive trade name, which contributes to its distinctiveness From other merchants .

The importance of the trade name

The commercial name has a noticeable importance in the commercial environment of shops and establishments, and this importance is summarized according to the following: [3]
  • Contribute to distinguishing the commercial establishment from other facilities.
  • Use as a means of advertising and advertising the facility and the commercial store.
  • Providing the merchant with legal protection, as using it from a merchant or an individual other than him is an illegal act and falls within the framework of illegal competition, and this competition appears in several forms, such as:
    • Business that leads to a tradition of services or goods for a known business.
    • Data that misleads the public, whether in terms of the quality of services and goods, or their characteristics.
    • Use of commercial secrets using illegal methods.
    • Apply a set of methods that negatively affect people's trademarks, or take advantage of the commercial reputation of a facility without the approval of its owner.

The difference between the trade name and other names

Understanding the trade name may be confused with a set of names and other concepts used in the business environment , [4] and here comes a set of differences between the trade name and those concepts:

Trade name and civil name

The difference appears between the commercial and civil names in terms of distinguishing them from each other by many features, so the civil name is used to refer to the personal characteristics of a person, and to differentiate individuals from each other, so it consists of the personal name and the family name of the individual, while the commercial name is a name used by the merchant to distinguish his shop or company from other companies , as different civil name for the brand name that it is possible to choose the name of civil easily, while the trade name chosen depends on the set of constraints, and other differences between the two names that civil name offers a range of rights the Testis, such as: freedom of opinion, freedom of movement, the trade name Vimitlk financial value constitutes one of the special elements of the commercial establishment. [4]

Trade name and trademark

The trademark differs from the trade name in terms of its use as a sign or symbol to distinguish a group of types of goods or services from each other, whether in terms of its source, guarantee, type, or method of manufacture, whereas the trade name is a name used by the establishment in order to distinguish it from establishments other that competition in the field of work itself, and may use the brand name in the construction of own brand products, and other differences between the brand name and the brand that the time and the historical appearance of the brand was before the trade name in all countries keen to apply a Special laws to protect commercial property, industrial, and intellectual. [4]

Trade name and commercial address

Both the commercial address and the trade name are used to reach a common goal, which is to contribute to the distinction of the establishment or the commercial establishment from other facilities, which contributes to avoiding confusion between the nature of the industrial or commercial domain of a facility, and the commercial title is also called the trade name. It is a primary name adopted by the merchant or the owner of the facility for its establishment in order to distinguish it from other establishments, while its difference from the commercial name is that it does not depend on the personal name of the merchant, but rather uses the commercial address; i.e. a set of signs or phrases that contribute to the distinction The commercial facility, with the aim of attracting customers to it. [4]

Trade name and brand

The commercial reputation represents the goodwill and good reputation that distinguishes the commercial store by relying on the merchant's role in attracting customers. As for the commercial name, it is a mark that distinguishes the commercial store from other stores. Linked to the minds of consumers and consumers, and the link between the trade name and the commercial reputation is summarized that the higher the trade name has a high value, the more the merchant's reputation and commercial reputation will be spread. The trade name of the reasons that lead to them coming, and most importantly the quality of the goods and the service provided, the location of the facility, and dealing with people Hassan. [4]