How to become a special person

    Doing fun activities

    The experience of a hobby, or a sport likable to the soul, helps to meet people who are more in harmony with the individual and share the things he loves, which will help to create distinguished, lasting friendships in the long run, which makes the person happier, more successful, and distinguished in his relationships, and it is also preferred He does not do things that he does not enjoy, and is not among his interests, but rather that he practices something of his own that makes him alone and distinct , and is able to create his happiness on his own. [1]

    Understand and care for other people's feelings

    Understanding others and understanding their feelings is one of the characteristics of a distinguished person. When others talk about their problems, their private lives and their secrets, a person must understand their feelings well and take care of them. Sometimes a person may say that he is okay, but in reality there is something going on in their lives, which It is possible to know it through the tone of their voice and their facial expressions, so they should be given the opportunity to talk about their feelings and listen to them well. [1]


    Self-confidence, complacency, and pride in it are attributes of a successful and distinguished personality . If a person wants to be distinguished, he must stop trying to please others and take care of himself, and start doing what makes him feel happy and proud, and he should not hesitate and fear, but must believe in his capabilities and capabilities Unlimited, and always proud of himself. [2]

    Other ways to get a special personality

    There are several tips and methods to help you get a distinct personality, including:
    • Fighting personal fears and not giving in to them, especially those that arose in childhood. [1]
    • Set goals, define ways to achieve them, and work to reach them. [1]
    • Thinking independently, and not giving in to the pressures that can be experienced from others. [1]
    • Keeping private thoughts and desires [3]
    • Getting closer to people who match the personality of the individual and increase his self-confidence. [3]
    • Not following other people, and being alone in opinion and personality. [3]