How to be a distinguished writer

    Conciseness in expression

    The use of simple and clear phrases to express ideas is one of the things that distinguishes the accomplished writer , in addition to possessing linguistic skills that enable him to write his thoughts in a brief and orderly manner, without using unnecessary excess words, and taking into account the non-prolongation of the explanation and the multiplication of words, but rather providing the idea directly , Clearly, and in the simplest possible language. [1] [2]

    Clarity and accuracy

    The distinguished writer has the ability to describe events and images in a wonderfully detailed way, in order to make the reader visualize and represent things in his mind, as the writer mentions enough details that help the reader to imagine what he writes, whether with stories, scenarios, or speeches, in addition to using strong and influential images, That makes the reader feel part of the scene and live in it. [1]

    Connect ideas

    The distinguished writer is keen on linking his ideas to each other, in order to facilitate understanding, absorption, and linking them correctly, whether by using analogy, comparison, or metaphor, as this will make writing more profound, and give it a great influence in the same reader. [1]

    Reading aloud

    Reading aloud writings helps to correct spelling and linguistic errors in the text, and it also helps to discover repetition in words or sentences, in addition to giving the author an opportunity to discover his excessive use of long sentences, or elaborate on explanations in specific parts. [2]

    Writing on a daily basis

    It is advised to practice writing on a daily basis, and to make it a daily routine, in order to develop linguistic and written skills and to improve them, since the more a person writes the more he feels the greater the development, therefore time must be devoted to writing a paragraph at least, or an entire page daily, and it is possible to wake up early to write, or sleep late After writing a paragraph, even for a short period of time, not exceeding fifteen minutes, when there is not enough time during the day.