Best profitable projects

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 Profitable projects Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oil

Graduates from young and near to marriage suffer from a lack of financial income and lack of employment opportunities. To face these conditions, we present in this article some new ideas for profitable projects that do not require much money.

The profitable project is an economic unit that combines the elements of human production and material elements, and projects have sections including: public projects, private projects, and  Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oilcooperative projects.

Best profitable projects

  • A store that sells fresh and frozen chicken and eggs. Chicken and eggs are considered one of the most important things that people use.
  • Glass recycling and artistic works of art.
  • Perfume store.
  • Producing pickles of all kinds, producing jam of all kinds, and producing juice.

Handicrafts are made from natural materials.
  • Opening a center for maintenance of electronic devices, where working in this store needs expertise and knowledge in electronic devices, especially mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.
  • Agricultural to grow yellow corn and market it.
  • Car wash and polish.
  • The opening of a snack bar and popular cuisine.
  • A store selling ornamental fish and ornamental birds, which is a very profitable project, but when choosing a store it must be well-ventilated and air-conditioned.
  • Transport of goods and products.
  • Mineral water store, a store that sells healthy water of all kinds and sizes.
  • Upholstery and antique furniture.
  • Equipment rental, such as: rental of excavators, rental of wedding necessities, and rental of agricultural tools, a project that starts with little money but makes a lot of profit.
  • Recycle and remake paper.
  • Open a clothing store, where the owner of the project is fully familiar with the latest clothing styles and work experience.
  • Selling electrical appliances.
  • Drying and packaging fruits.
  • Manufacture of humus and natural organic fertilizers.
  •  Photography studio inside the house. Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oil

Project success factors

The success of the project depends on several factors represented in the following: good project planning, self-supervision of funds, development, renewal and expansion of the project, honesty and sincerity in dealing, good treatment with customers, patience on all difficulties facing the project, creativity and innovation and marketing, and good and appropriate management For the time Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oil.

Project failure factors

Factors of failure are summarized in the strategic failure represented by the lack of actual feasibility of the project and its success, and the tactical failure represented in the misfortune of some project  items Invest,training,Traders,Broker,Forex ,Stock ,Project ,Business,Investment,Products,Bank,Currency,commissions,money,cash,loans,lawyer,lawyers,oil.